Worthy of Praise



A Great Church Website For $800 And $0 Per Month

It sounds too good to be true.

As you may know, typical design fees can range anywhere from $1500 to $5000. Then there are the ongoing hosting fees which run $250 to $900 or more every year.

So how are we able to provide Churches with an affordable, premium website and free hosting?

Worthy of Praise has provided free web hosting for Christian Churches since we began over 14 years ago. We were blessed with unique gifts, talents and resources to run a successful commercial hosting company and were called to make the same services available to Christian Churches at no cost.

While many of our hosting customers design and maintain their own websites, we realize that most Churches do not employ a graphic designer and an IT staff.

So, we came up with a website solution that will work for almost any Church. We start with a beautiful design, add the best features, then customize it with your logo, colors, text, images, audio and video (including a seamless transfer of content from your current website). In approximately one week, you get a new, turn-key website that your staff can easily maintain using simple online forms.