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About Worthy of Praise

Worthy of Praise is a service offered to you by Steve and Valerie Crisp of Raleigh, North Carolina. We have truly enjoyed the blessings of the Lord in our businesses and this is our way of honoring Jesus Christ with our gifts and talents.

Since 1996, Steve and Valerie have owned and operated internet service businesses including web hosting, list hosting, and web design and development services. In 2000, we began Worthy of Praise and it remains our primary focus.

Since we began offering business services, our goal has always been to provide excellent service and effective products at a very fair price. At the inception of our business, we developed a set of principles by which we operate. Although they are presented in secular prose, they are all well-grounded in Biblical principles.

  • There are no hard and fast rules - only exceptions. We recognize that every business is unique and we will work to accommodate your needs.
  • We recognize that the computer services we provide are not magic, we will price those services fairly and affordably.
  • We consider honor, respect, honesty, and hard work as admirable qualities that a business and its employees should observe.
  • We understand that the internet is constantly evolving and we will keep up with those developments in order to help you understand the most effective way to use the web for your organization.
  • We believe in providing professional service while never forgetting that a good laugh now and then never hurt anyone.

So how are we able to offer truly free services?

We have been blessed to operate businesses that serve the needs of clients on all continents of the world. In considering how best to use our God given talents, we were called to create Worthy of Praise, a free web hosting service for Christian churches. Few people have the expertise and the infrastructure necessary for such an endeavor, but we were blessed with both.

Worthy of Praise is funded solely by profits from our small businesses. It is our privilege to offer this service and we ask for nothing in return. We are not a non-profit organization. We are privately owned sole proprietorships and corporations.

Although we do not require it, if you or your organization would like to sponsor Worthy of Praise, please contact us. We accept and appreciate links from your web site to our web site, recommendations to others for our small business hosting and development services, and donations to offset the expenses of the service.