Worthy of Praise



The Worthy of Praise Statement of Faith

Belief in the Almighty God who is revealed as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Belief that salvation is by Grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

Belief that the Bible is the infallible Word of God and is the sole source of authority for religious faith and practice.

There is no charge for our web hosting or list hosting services, but we do require your Church to meet certain requirements including the absolute concurrence with the Worthy of Praise Statement of Faith. We believe there is one Christian Church founded in Jesus Christ, but there are different doctrinal interpretations of the Bible some of which are unique to individual denominations. We believe the Worthy of Praise Statement of Faith encapsulates the core beliefs of Christianity and the statement is not intended to slight any prayerfully held beliefs of individual Churches, organizations or individuals.

The Worthy of Praise free web hosting services are for the use of Christian Churches and associated ministries. Biblically, a Church is the gathering of two or more in the name of Jesus Christ. That definition of a Church is theologically correct, but the following additional requirements are intended to curtail potential abuses of our system.

To qualify for the Worthy of Praise free web hosting or list hosting services, your organization must be a "church" that is comprised of a body of believers gathering to praise God on a regularly scheduled basis. The location of your gathering, whether it be a sanctuary, storefront, home, tent, or other place of assembly is immaterial provided that the existence of your organization is primarily for the purpose of worship. The official recognition of your Church as a non-profit organization, though indicative as substantial proof of legitimacy as a Church, is not required.

Others eligible for the Worthy of Praise free web hosting services are itinerant ministers who, like the apostle Paul, do not have a physical structure in a static location as their home base and those called by God to preach the Word whose worship leadership is based in television, radio, sound recordings or the distribution of print materials, except those organizations acting in the capacity of for-profit publishers.

Essentially, in order to qualify for our free web hosting services, the overwhelming primary purpose of your work is in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and teaching others of His principles and precepts. Eligible Churches are allowed to engage in a commercial or fund-raising activity, but such activity MUST be significantly secondary to your organization's primary purpose.

If you are eligible, please complete the registration form to sign up for a free web hosting account.

If you have questions about your eligibility, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your circumstances.

If you are not eligible for our free services, you may be interested in using the commercial web hosting, list hosting and design services offered by our sponsors.