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Prior to Worthy of Praise, Valiancy is the Key Ministries had been using Wordpress.com as our free website/blog service.

After about a year on Wordpress.com, we registered with a hosting company (I will not say the name) and registered a domain.

First of all, the website had several bouts of downtime and was often very slow. The website lasted for only a month before it suddenly crashed one day. All of my content and data were lost. I had expected my hosting company to at least TRY to restore the website, but instead, they shut down my domain altogether. Poor customer service.

Thus, I had to move back to WordPress.com, something that I didn’t want to do. I kept praying that God would send me another hosting company that would be more reliable than the previous one. It wasn’t long before I found out about Worthy of Praise.

They were very friendly and were very straightforward concerning how they would set up my account. I registered for a domain with them and within two days, my domain was up and running. They sent me an e-mail with detailed instructions on how to set up my account, something that the other hosting company failed to do. They even installed WordPress for me and hooked me up with the latest spam filters and security. The customer service was outstanding! I highly recommend Worthy of Praise!
-- Trey P., Webmaster, Valiancy is the Key Ministries


Without the folks at Worthy of Praise our little Church would probably not be able to afford hosting fees to have our site on the internet. I found Worthy of Praise in a Google search trying to find someone out there who might host sites for little or no cost. The staff at Worthy of Praise have been working hand-in-hand with us for quite some time now and their kindness, helpfulness and professionalism have been such a blessing.

Our site is used by our congregation to keep up on Church news, listen to sermons they may have missed or to review them, submit prayer requests, etc. and we've had web visits from people in our area, our country as well as countries around the world. We pray that Worthy of Praise would receive the financial support they need to continue this important ministry for congregations like ours to shine their light for Jesus. They are continually in our prayers and we love them.
-- Pastor Jim Moore, Titusville Church of Christ, Titusville, PA


We are so grateful for the great ministry we have been benefiting from the web hosting service of Worthy of Praise. Their hosting service is exceptional in its efficiency. The customer service is timely and very friendly. As Gospel for Eritrea and Beyond Ministries mainly focus on evangelization and discipleship of Eritreans. As you might be aware of it, Eritrea is among the top 10 countries in persecuting Christians. Evangelical Churches and ministries are officially banned in Eritrea since the year 2002. Evangelical Churches are closed and thousands of evangelical Christians are in prison. Although the underground Church in Eritrea is growing day by day, the majority of Evangelical Christians are either in exile or in prison in Eritrea. Therefore the ministry through a website is an indispensable tool for us. It will help us to interact, learn, and encourage with our beloved brethren who are scattered all over the world. Despite internet access is somehow restricted in Eritrea, now and then it is helping us to communicate with the members of the underground Church in Eritrea. In addition the website is also assisting us to raise awareness about the persecuted Church in Eritrea and beyond to the world.
-- Brother Brehane-meskel Araya, Gospel For Eritrea and beyond Ministries, Nairobi, Kenya


We rely on WorthyOfPraise to host our simple church website files. They provide website name resolution so you can have your own website name redirected to your files on their host. We are able to FTP files when updates are needed. WorthyOfPraise is a full service very easy to use host dedicated to helping churches spread the good news of Jesus Christ to the world. Thank you very much and God bless you.
-- TPC, West Virginia


We at Victory Ministry Evangelical Church extend our thanks and appreciation to you for showing us Christian love in line with our biblical beliefs. Your support to the Great Commission of Jesus Christ, Our Savior and Lord is yielding fruits. We depend on God and then on you who He has chosen as instrument to introduce our church to the entire world of the faithfuls in the Lord Jesus Christ. May God richly bless you and your families and Christians in the United States who because of the historical ties between our countries often think about our spiritual well being above all.
-- Pastor John Gbatawee, Victory Ministry Evangelical Church, Liberia


Open Door Community Church has been blessed spiritually and relieved financially by the good people at Worthy of Praise. Steve and Valerie have been very helpful in getting our web site set up and hosted and are always quick to respond whenever technical assistance is requested. They are a blessing to us and our church. I thank God for this ministry and pray for their success!
-- Pastor Tom, Open Door Community Church, Stafford, Virginia


I have been the recipient of Worthy of Praise's partnership with churches for many years. I have found them to be godly, kind, and willing to help reliably and quickly. I am not sure that we could have a better ministry partner than Steve and Valerie Crisp. We use Worthy of Praise hosting for our yearly outreach conference "Tragedy To Triumph". Their web hosting has enabled us to see over 1,000 people know Jesus Christ over a 5 year period. Thank you both very much!
-- Wendell Brown, Senior Pastor, Circleville Nazarene, Circleville, OH


Our church website was hosted for free by another organization for over 10 years until that group decided to get out of that ministry and focus elsewhere. As the website administrator, I was faced with having to find a comparable hosting organization. I already had experience using the WordPress application, but the original organization had its own proprietary web design application that I often found cumbersome and restrictive but was forced to use. Therefore, it was an answer to prayer when I came upon Worthy of Praise, who offered the same type of hosting service AND supported WordPress. I developed the new site in WordPress and WoP made a seamless transition. The result was that we had a newly designed and more contemporary looking (not to mention functioning) website that has enhanced our community outreach and effectiveness. It has been such a pleasure working with their support team and I've never experienced any service interruptions, unlike with the previous group.
-- Carolyn Abbott, Bethany Baptist Church, Gardner MA


Fifteen years ago I was very doubtful that a website would make any difference in helping Larry Bubb Ministries impact this world. Our board of directors recommended it none the less. Since we have effectively lived up to our "non-profit" status, we did not have income to pay for a website so we decided that if someone would donate their time to put it together we would consider it. I have a free newsletter that reaches close to 4,000 churches and families so I asked if anyone would be interested in putting a website together for Larry Bubb Ministries. A pastor in Iowa read about it and volunteered to do so. He hunted for a host site that would not charge us and found "Worthy of Praise."

In early 2001, a pastor in the Washington DC area did a search looking for a speaker for an associational youth event and found our website (Larrybubb.com). Even though I am in CA, he invited me to fly out and be their speaker. Due to various scheduling conflicts we settled on a date that God alone could have known was the perfect time for this event. I ended up being on one of the first flights after 9/11 to DC to encourage and speak to many who were recovering from the tragic events that took place that week. I was able to see the exact spot the plane had flown into the Pentagon and share with teens who knew people affected by that devastating event.

So God used a pastor in Iowa, a free website hosting ministry from NC (Worthy of Praise), a pastor in the DC area, and a speaker in CA to powerfully impact, encourage, and lead many to faith in Jesus after that tragic event back in 2001. Thank you for your faithfulness and service as together we seek to let this hurting world know there is hope in Jesus!
-- Larry Bubb, Larry Bubb Ministries, San Diego, CA


I am very glad to witness your faith in God and the prayers of His children. I am a pastor with limited web skills but a heart to offer a younger non-church-going generation (who embrace the internet more than old time Christians loved Camp Meeting time) the chance to know of God's truth and love. For that reason I am managing four websites through your ministry. The Grandview Church of God, a church I pastored in Ky for nearly 20 years. My current place of worship, the Fayetteville First Church of God in WV. I also manange a regional camp meeting's website called Craigsville Camp Meeting. Plus I take care of a national Pastors' Fellowship site for them. My work load is heavy enough without these responsibilities however time has shown the value of our efforts. I recieve no compensation for my service to each of those services to the church.

My congregation is not very large and finances are limited. I have served in small congregations for 28 years now as a full time pastor making the needed sacrifices and being a diligent steward of what God has provided, He is faithful! Were it not for your generous offer of Free web space and hosting I personally could not offer this service to Web viewers.
-- Bro. Danny Goins


When our small rural church decided to enter the '90s in 2010 by starting a modest webpage, our options were pretty limited by our finances and skill levels. Worthy of Praise was a Godsend that fulfilled pretty much all of our needs. During the setup, the technical support was outstanding and they explained things on a non-tech-speak level I could understand. We have had absolutely no problems and i can't express our gratitude enough.

Highly recommended.
-- Joe C, Wimberley Christian Church, Wimberley, Texas


I strongly recommend Worthy of Praise.... their web hosting has been ultra-reliable, and customer support is very friendly and prompt. I could tell horror stories about web hosting I've tried where my web site was up for a month, then disappeared without warning!

I have had zero down time with Worthy Of Praise. Indeed, I mis-spelled the domain name I'd requested, and they caught it and notified me, setting up the correctly spelled domain for me.

I ask you to prayerfully consider hosting your church's website or ministry web site with these good people!
-- Philip Dean, Narrow is the Way Ministries


Worthy of Praise has allowed our little church, Beach United Methodist, to serve shut-ins and those living outside of our immediate congregational area through web hosting and online presence. We are able to publish our newsletters, photos from events, a calendar, and some sermon audio for those who are unable to attend services.
-- CF, Beach United Methodist Church, Westhampton Beach, NY


Worthy of Praise has provided our Church with a service that we might not have, if not for their generosity. We thank you for this service and we will pray for you. We use the website to post our Pastors sermons for those that can't make it to Church for whatever reason. Again, thank you so much for your service!
-- Robert Parker, Brandon Fellowsip Baptist Church, Brandon, Florida


I took over a small church about eight months ago. The church had virtually no web presence at all; and in the middle of a big city, that spells decline. To counter that trend, we needed to get on the web in a big way and in a big hurry. I researched many different options, but due to limits in our budget, I just didn't know how we would manage. Then I came across Worthy of Praise. What a blessing! I was able to get the site set up and running within a few days, and I find it's easy enough to maintain. If that wasn't enough to encourage any small church to contact them, I have found that any time I have had questions (sometimes very basic ones), they have been very responsive and courteous. When it comes to technical customer support, I know that's not always easy to do, but they have been very good. I would definitely advise any church who needs to get a good looking web site up and running to check them out.
-- E. C. Ragland, Pastor, The Baptist Church at Park Glen, Fort Worth, Texas


We have been greatly blessed to have been led to Worthy of Praise. As a small church we have limited funds for advertising and web hosting. Your ministry has allowed us to move forward with our web site and you have been a great help. Thank you for all the help you have provided in getting it up and running and for providing us all the space we need. In a day and age in which a web presence is so very necessary you have made it possible for us to continue to minister through this medium. God bless and thank you.
-- Pastor Duane Smith, FBC Mascoutah, Mascoutah, IL


We began using Worthy of Praise in 2013 when we revamped our web presence and needed a quality host for our church. We had not been in the habit of paying for web hosting, so to be able to tell our finance people that we could get hosting for free was an incredible blessing. Thank you to Worthy of Praise for helping us reach our community for Christ through our website.
-- Dr. Jeff Dowdy, First Baptist Church, Swannanoa, NC


Worthy of Praise has been a great option for us in our web hosting needs. As a small church, we had little extra funds to use for a paid hosting service, so we went with Worthy of Praise's free hosting service, hoping for the best. It has been far better than we expected. Not only have we had many visitors to our website and then to our church, but the personal service has been excellent as well. At times we have needed to make adjustments, and with no one here having a great deal of experience in operating a website, we needed someone to lean on. The folks at Worthy of Praise have been just such people. They have quickly and capably helped us with each need as they arose. Since Worthy of Praise has been such a help to us, we recently decided to send them a small yearly donation to support the ministry. If you are considering a web hosting service for your ministry, I encourage you to give Worthy of Praise a try.
-- TL, The Church at Spruce Creek, Kittery, Maine


As a pastor we have been so blessed for a number of years having our website and blog page hosted by Worthy of Praise. These folks have worked so hard to make it so easy for us to host with them, and they do it for FREE. Thank you for all you do for the Kingdom of God. We are blessed, and we are praying that God will open up the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing on Worthy of Praise. Thank you,
-- Pastor Kim Alexander, SLBC (via Facebook)


I have used this host now For my Church's website for a couple years now, they are helpful with support and are easy to use. I enjoy the freedom of making what my Church needs for our site and simply upload via ftp. (I use filezilla it's also free) I have always liked the idea of making our site on my own computer, they don't charge for various levels of quality with limited design wizards. If you haven't yet, give the a try!
-- Mackay Photography & Design (via Facebook)


Worthy Of Praise has been a huge Blessing to us, we are able to do things with our website that would cost us a great deal through other hosts, we have the freedom to make our site ANY way we want and they have always had great support when we have had questions. If your Church is seeking to go about a fully global outreach, I we strongly suggest this Ministry.
-- The Lords House Nondenominational Worship Center (via Facebook)