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Worthy of Praise offers a full range of business class web hosting, list hosting and associated services at no charge to eligible Churches. Please review our services below and complete our registration form to set up an account.

All services are free to use except domain registration through the Worthy of Praise partner account with Network Solutions and custom web design and development, neither of which are required for you to use our service. See details below.


Web Hosting
Your web hosting account includes FTP access and unrestricted hard drive space and data transfer. Use a free subdomain (e.g., name.worthyofpraise.org) or a custom domain name (e.g., name.org). See more below about custom domain names.

List Hosting
Host an announcement or group discussion mailing list. Your list hosting account includes an easy to use list management website to create emails and manage subscribers.

PHP Content Management
Use any of the popular PHP-based content management systems for your website including WordPress and Joomla. WordPress is a good option for those without web design or programming experience and has many free templates and modules available.

Set up unlimited forwarding or POP email accounts for your church or for members of your church congregation. Use email accounts with a Worthy of Praise subdomain or custom domain name.

Programming and Databases
Create an interactive site with either MGI (Modular Gateway Interface) or PHP programming and database options. Use the MGI tags and built-in database or use PHP tags with a MYSQL database.

Secure Services
Encrypt sensitive pages and data under the Worthy of Praise secure certificate (included) or purchase a custom secure certificate.

New Domain Registration
The registration of a custom domain name (e.g., www.YourChurch.org) is not required. You may use the a subdomain of WorthyOfPraise.org at no cost (e.g., YourChurch.worthyofpraise.org). You may also register a domain name at any registrar and we will provide the name servers to host your domain on our system at no charge. However, if you want Worthy of Praise to register a new domain name for you via our partner account with Network Solutions, they charge a nominal fee for the domain name registration and annual renewal. The fee structure for .com, .net and .org domains is as follows:

$30 per year - 1 year
$25 per year - 2 to 4 years
$23 per year - 5 to 8 years
$20 per year - 9 to 10 years

Web Design and Development
If you would like Worthy of Praise to design your web site, we will be glad to do so at a fair and reasonable cost. Click here for details.

There is no obligation to have Worthy of Praise design your web site. You may also have any designer create and post your website or you may use a free or paid template for your website.