Worthy of Praise




Pricing is simple. The total cost of your website is $800 payable as a $400 deposit and $400 upon completion and acceptance of your website.

For your deposit and balance, we accept Credit Cards (AmEx, Discover, Visa and MC), PayPal, checks and money orders.

If you host with Worthy of Praise, your web hosting and related services (email and mailing list) are free.

If you choose to register a custom domain name via Worthy of Praise, the cost is $30 for 1 year, or $50 for 2 years. There is no cost to point an existing domain name to your hosting account on our service. You are not required to use a custom domain name. You may use a free subdomain such as name.worthyofpraise.org for your website. Although you may add a custom domain name at any time.